M-PESA — New Way to Make Deposits on Parimatch

Parimatch ft. Vodacom

To start with, Parimatch differentiates from other betting companies on the market with its aim to make the life of an average sports-betting enthusiast easier. First of all, we offer our customers convenient platforms to make bets: they can do that online in a browser or with the help of our advanced application for Android.

No matter where you are, in Tanzania or Europe, you will have access to multiple types of bets for numerous sports and activities. Recently, Parimatch has partnered with Vodacom to ensure each customer gets the maximum benefits of placing bets. Vodacom is an organization representing their M-PESA solution. In turn, the latter enables people to credit their Parimatch account on-the-go, using their mobile devices.

If you choose M-PESA as your method to deposit Parimatch, you will be able to play and win with us, regardless of your location and time zone.

Intrigued? Stay tuned and get to know how the M-PESA system works!

M-PESA Guide

If you are a first-time user, that is not a surprise you have doubts on how to operate M-PESA to make successful deposits on Parimatch. Take a look at our quick guide of main bullet-points of how to credit your account via the Vodacom platform:

  • Via *150*00#, you can call the Vodacom service. It is automated, so all you need to do than is just to press specific numbers or enter your personal information.
  • Then, click pay-bills section. There you are able to enter your personal information like your mobile account number and passwords, as well as special Parimatch business number.
  • The next stage is extremely important — press number 1 to confirm the payment.

These simple steps prevent you from active betting on Parimatch.

How to Open an M-PESA Account

Here there is an instruction to help unaware or non-techno-savvy users to get all advantages of paying on the go with M-PESA from Vodacom:

  • With your Vodacom, dial *111#. Once again, it is an automated service, so you are just to choose necessary options and provide required details.
  • The next two steps are as simple as ABC: choose options 4 and then 1.
  • It is the time to enter your information (first name, surname, date of birth, and village name).
  • Then you will be offered to choose the language of the account.
  • Last but not less important — the registration is done, but you need to confirm the account to start using M-PESA to make deposits. You will receive an SMS. With its help, you are to register an account’s PIN number.

How to Start Depositing via M-PESA

You have registered on Vodacom, so you are ready to start your depositing journey with M-PESA. The procedure is the same for each depositing case, but you should perform it carefully in order not to miss a single step. Otherwise, the transaction will fail.

Here there is our detailed instruction of how to credit your Parimatch account with M-PESA:

  • Call Vodacom on *150*00#. This will provide you with access to your payment line.
  • Choose option 4 in order to pay bills.
  • Choose option 3 to proceed further.
  • The next step is to enter business number of Parimatch. It is 351144.
  • Enter your reference number or mobile number linked with your account on Vodacom. This is a security measurement.
  • Choose the value of your deposit.
  • Enter your PIN code.
  • Confirm your payment, otherwise all previous steps will be considered to be invalid.

So now any volunteer is ready to get betting with a leading platform in the globe — Parimatch.

Editor’s Choice: Advantages of M-PESA

If you are an old hand with paying at banks with your cash, M-PESA is definitely something that will change your life forever. It is a secure and reliable method to pay online for your Parimatch need. This method helps you to save your time and resources.

If you are still not sure why M-PESA is a beneficial system to pay on-the-go, check its advantages list. We assure you will not regret this opportunity!

Simplicity in Every Move

For some people, the registration and learning curve can make even the most beneficial solution a great headache. But that is not the case. On the one hand, it is super intuitive. On the other hand, all necessary recommendations and tutorials are offered for free. For instance, you can just click here and get a deeper understanding of how M-PESA deposits work.

Super Availability

Cash is not the most convenient way to make deposits, since the bank offices have their time limitations. Otherwise, you can just not have the necessary price in cash. With M-PESA, you are welcome to simply forget about these inconveniences. Now you have access to global bets 24/7.

Low Fees

Another important benefit lies in the fact that it is just cheaper to make deposits on M-PESA than with the help of another platforms or local bank and transfer services.

Top Technology

M-PESA is not just a fast and convenient way to make payments on the go. Besides, it is a highly secure system. It can cope with a lot of traffic without any delays, functioning defects, etc.


  1. How long should I wait to receive the payment from M-PESA on Parimatch?

Usually, this procedure is done immediately or can be performed within a couple of hours. However, if you do not get the payment after this time, we are kindly asking you to wait for the first 24 hours to make the transaction done. This ensures that the system is fully updated. Besides, the system checks that the payment is assigned to the right account.

  1. If I have problems with M-PESA, what should I do in this case?

If there are any issues with the system performance, feel free to contact their support team. They are accessible 24/7. You can contact them via phone (the number is 0800787878) or mail (support@parimatch.co.tz). Live Chat is another way to reach them out.

Change Your Experience Today!

Do not miss an awesome chance to improve your Parimatch experience! With M-PESA, you will forget about deposit-difficulties and will have access to your account, regardless of any possible limitations.

Flexibility, low-fee, user-friendliness — that is what comes to mind when thinking about M-PESA. Give it a try and be with Parimatch whenever you want!